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Finding a job in the archive

When jobs are put in the archive I wait till I have about 4 GB of jobs that are at least a month old. I then write them to a dvd and generate a text file with the dvd listing. The name of the text file coincides with the label on the dvd.
This is the process for finding a job that has been written to dvd.
First, in widows 7 you must make sure that your search options are set to always search the contents of the files. Windows XP just enter the search string in the correct box for searching file contents instead of file name.
If you have tried this already, you have probably found that searching for a job number usually doesn't find anything. I have traced this problem to the way windows generates the text file when I create the list. The top level of the directory listing is spaced with special characters. If you read the list you will see that the folder name is preceded by four uppercase A's. So if I want to find job no 200202 I would search for AAAA200202.
Searching for tool or drawing numbers works without the A's.
The search should return the text file that the job was found in. If you are searching for a tool or dwg number, it may return more than one text file. If searching for a job number, it should only return one, but may return more. Either way, get the dvd with the same name as the text file and copy the job to your computer.

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