DECO wiki

File management

This is the way that network shares are mapped to your PC.

B: backups on the server

H: your home directory on the server

L: the shared library on the server

S: shared jobs on the server

T: timesheets on the Web server

W: the FTP folders on the FTP server

Z: archive on the server

This is everything you will ever need to access on the network, except for the old pub directory, which is still the same as before. Never use “My network places” to access anything (except the old pub). All shares except for the old pub will be hidden anyway.

Here is a simplified list of stuff you should and shouldn't do (mostly shouldn't) Most of the rules are to prevent link problems in Catia. There is also an article about Catia links here. Some rules are just to keep data where it belongs.

- Don't ever create a job folder anywhere but C:\jobs or S:

- Don't ever create a folder named anything but the deco number in C:\jobs or S:

- Don't ever create a supplemental folder (approval, or whatever) anywhere but inside the deco number folder

- Don't ever rename a folder to break links.

- Don't ever use the desktop for files or folders. The desktop is only for shortcuts.

- Always use “send to” for putting files into a new folder. (Catia V5)